Research and Development / Seismic Design

The Research and Development division focuses primarily on the technological, environmental and developmental issues.


SARID (, in association with Javed Sultan, AIA, has come up with a proprietary and patented technology, which allows the use of non-structural granular material in seismic responsive structures. The structures are stable and can be designed to conform to Seismic Zone 4 ( highest ) requirements. The structures have a plastered and painted finish on both the exterior as well as the interior faces. The structures have very low maintenance cost, minimal life cycle cost, and high insulation value so saving on energy and operation cost. Currently the cost is projected at about Rs. 350/sf to Rs 400/sf for residential construction, and Rs. 550/sf to Rs. 600/sf for school and institutional construction(commercial). This is close to half the price of construction using existing technologies i.e. using steel or concrete masonry construction. The prices quoted above are 2005 prices for Islamabad, Pakistan.

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