A Whole New Dimension of Play

Bring Kinoo playdates to life with the Kinoo wireless wand, which adds the magic of physical play and sparks kids’ imaginations.

Kinoo Wireless Wand. Magic Made Easy

Say hello to the Kinoo wireless wand. For a limited time, when you order a wand for your special child, your family’s use of the app comes along free, for a whole year. This pre-release, Early Edition Bundle won’t last long and wand availability will be limited this holiday season, so act quickly!

Imagination Comes to Life

Our wireless, rechargeable, motion-sensing wand elevates the Kinoo experience, adding the magic of movement and leveraging interpretive motion to appear on screen as the tool needed for an activity or game. Using their wand, kids can cast their line while fishing, whisk cookie batter, or chisel stone to create a sculpture.

More is...more!

More rich experiences, more physical movement, more time engaged, more imagination, more laughs and giggles, more fun for everyone! The Kinoo wand helps you make the most of Kinoo.

At a glance

Works with Kinoo app
3-point AR light tracking
Bluetooth & WiFi
Multi-axis motion sensors
Integrated speaker
USB base station

Kinoo Early Edition Bundle 🎉

Includes Kinoo Wireless Wand + FREE 1 Year App Subscription1
Kinoo Wireless Wand
1 Year App Subscription
($99 VALUE)

Kinoo App & Wand Bundle

>Kinoo App & Wand Bundle

Save $100
Limited Time Offer

Kinoo turns ordinary video chat into virtual adventures! Instead of asking, “How was your day?” you can ask, “Want to build a rocket ship and blast off to the moon?”

Choose from our ever-growing library of games and activities, which have been developed by our team of early-childhood experts to keep kids (ages 3-7) engaged and grown-ups feeling connected.

Bringing the family together with Kinoo is easy. Pair the Kinoo wireless wand + app using your iPad or iPhone*, then invite your whole family to join (it’s free for them!). Once they’ve downloaded the Kinoo app, choose a family member to connect with and let the adventures begin!

Limited Stock!
Unlimited Calls
New Activities Added Monthly
Ad-Free Experience
Free Shipping & Free Returns
Limited Quantities available.
*For iPad & iPhones 2017 and newer on iOS 13+.
1First year is on us! Renews at $10/mo or $99/year. Cancel renewal anytime.
What is Kinoo?

Kinoo is a video chat app Kinoo that reimagines the way families interact online. Kinoo includes activities that can be shared in a video call, activated with a wireless wand that translates physical movement into on-screen action. Plus, get in-app tips - delivered by adorable animated characters - to boost the important connection between grandkids and grandparents (or aunts, uncles... the whole family!)

‍Developed by a team of early-childhood social and emotional learning experts - including the inventor of the LeapPad - Kinoo is the perfect gift to bring the whole family together, even when you are far apart.

When will Kinoo be available/ship?

In December 2021 the Kinoo app will be available for download in the Apple App Store™ and wireless wands will start shipping.

How much does Kinoo cost?

This holiday season you can purchase a limited Early Edition Bundle – which includes an annual subscription to the Kinoo app when you purchase a Kinoo wireless wand -- for only $99 (a $198 value)

What are the requirements for using Kinoo?

Currently, Kinoo requires an iPhone or iPad, 2017 or newer, running iOS 13+. You can view the version that your device is running by clicking Settings – General – About on that device.

What’s the return/cancellation policy?

The limited time Early Edition Bundle, which includes a 1-year subscription to the Kinoo App when you purchase a wireless wand, can be cancelled and returned for a full refund through March 1, 2022. Kinoo wands also carry a one-year warranty (if it breaks, we’ll fix it or send you a new one!)

How can I give Kinoo as a gift?

When you purchase the Early Edition Bundle, you will receive a Kinoo wireless wand plus a 1-year subscription to the Kinoo app. You can gift the wand, or the whole bundle if you like…here’s how:

I want to give the wand to a child who does not live with me.
Complete your purchase using the shipping address of the child you want to receive the wand, and we’ll ship it directly to them. When the wand ships, you will receive an email with instructions on how to begin your app subscription. Follow the instructions, set up the app, and invite the parent of the child to download the app, too (it’s free for them to chat with you!). Soon, you’ll be able to purchase additional wands for your other grandchildren in different homes as well!

I want to gift the wand and the app subscription to someone else.
Complete your purchase using the delivery address of the person you want to gift. We’ll ship the wand directly to them. When it ships, you will receive an email with instructions on how to begin your app subscription. If you forward this email to the parent of the child who will receive the wand, they can follow the instructions to download the app and invite you to Kinoo with them.

I have another question.

Email us and we’d be happy to answer any questions: