It get's even better with Kinoo Connect.

Your Kinoo Magic Wand unlocks your family’s own world of learning and play to support your little ones


Grow Together, No Matter The Distance

With Connect, the whole family can support your child

“My granddaughter is entirely focused and engaged when we Kinoo together.”

Grandpa David

“My granddaughter asks to call me nearly every day, which I love!”

Grandma Kim

“My daughter LOVED playing Kinoo with her aunt last night! She could not stop laughing!”

Mama Danielle

“Best birthday gift for my 4yr old nephew.”

Auntie Michelle

“The best way to connect with family!"

Mama Manda

“The perfect skill level for their age.”

Mama Kristen

Frequently Asked Questions

The Kinoo Connect app is a video communication app that uses collaborative virtual learning-based activities to bring families together, even when they’re far apart.

Developed by a team of early-childhood social and emotional learning experts, Kinoo Connect reimagines the way families interact online with two-way activities and guidance from in-app characters to help facilitate intergenerational communication between grandkids and grandparents (or aunts, uncles... the whole family!).

You can download the Kinoo Connect app to connect with far-away family and friends by visiting the following link.

Yes, the Kinoo Connect app is free to download and you get 60 minutes of unlimited calls for free every month. If you require more than 60 minutes a month, there is an upgrade plan.

The Kinoo Connect App works with Apple iPhones and iPads, running iOS 13 or higher, and requires a WiFi internet connection.

No, there are no ads in the Kinoo Connect app. It is a safe and secure video chat system made specifically for families and their children. Kinoo Connect helps kids master critical educational and life skills through playing and learning with loved ones around the globe. Screen time everyone can love!

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