What is Kinoo?

Kinoo is an interactive, kinetic video system designed to allow children and far-away older loved ones to connect, play, and learn together virtually through cooperative games and activities, created by child-development experts to aid in developing both academic and life skills. Kinoo’s game-based learning is enhanced with a motion-sensing wand for the child, adding physical movement and leveraging augmented reality and interpretive motion to enhance the experience beyond the touch screen.

What comes with a purchase of Kinoo?

Kinoo includes a Kinoo wand and a subscription to the Kinoo Library of activities, accessed via the Kinoo app (available in the Apple app store). Most purchases come with a trial period of unlimited use, after which a monthly or annual subscription can be purchased. Purchase the bundle and ship the Kinoo wand to the home of the child you want to connect. (Only one wand is needed per household with kids, and a wand is not needed for the adult to connect or play.)

Can I give Kinoo as a gift?

If you are a parent, you can purchase Kinoo, give the wand to your child, and invite your parent (or other remote loved one) to Kinoo with your child in the app. (Its free for them to connect with you). Or, if you are a grandparent, you can purchase Kinoo and give the wand as a gift to a child. Simply fill in the child’s address as the “Shipping Address” in your cart when you purchase if you’d like us to send the wand directly to the child’s home. Please note, Kinoo is currently compatible with iOS (Apple) devices only. Contact us if you have any issues.

What’s the return/cancellation policy?

Purchases can be canceled and returned for a full refund for 60 days from ship date. Kinoo wands also carry a one-year warranty (if it breaks, we’ll fix it or send you a new one!). Please note: The Kinoo system requires an iPhone or iPad, 2017 or newer, running iOS 13+ to function properly. Subscription renewals can be cancelled at any time.

What are the requirements for using Kinoo?

To download the Kinoo app, you will need a US-based Apple App Store account. A wand enhances the Kinoo experience for the child, but is not required for adults. Use of the Kinoo app requires an iPhone or iPad, 2017 or newer, running iOS 13 or later. Contact us if you have any issues, or if you would like to be informed when Kinoo becomes available for your device.

I still need help - how can I get my questions answered?

Email us at support@kinoo.com. We’ll happily answer any questions!