EcoHabitat Inc.

Green Buildings and Technologies 

(This is the website for both EcoHabitat and  Kinoo, Inc.)

This is also the website for EcoHabitat Inc. - an independent Massachusetts Corporation focused on design of sustainable and energy efficient buildings in developed countries, as well as emerging economies. Javed Sultan (JS) is president of both corporations. With the planet in crisis with green house gas emissions, global warming and consquent climate change, and the world responding with greater use of renewable and green energy initiatives, the process is being hampered by inability of poorer countries to do the same. Hence over the years Kinoo and ECO have tried to transfer the know how and technology by introducing greener buildings in poorer countries - that are affordable and can be supported by the poorer economies. All engineering work for poor countries is done on a pro-bono basis. To read about the help given by Eco-Kinoo engineers, click below: . [read more]

(Note: The dedicated  website for residential portion of EcoHabitat's work is under construction.)

Apartment Complex, Boston

National Institutes of Health, Bethesda

Community Complex, Rhode Island

INTRODUCTION TO 'MASS' TECHNOLOGY - Two new proprietary building technologies, patent-pending, are promising considerable cost and schedule advantages over conventional building technologies. Called Membrane Assisted Seismic-Responsive Structures (MASS) and Versa-Slab (VS) reduce the cost of construction; reduce the life-cycle and day-to-day building operating cost, provide for more resilient interior and exterior finishes; and are eco-friendly with a smaller carbon footprin. Read more about company's experience and profile by clicking below. [read more]